Miles Hardt gasps for air on 'Oxygen'

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Beautiful music comes from the depth of crisis. Following the end of a six year relationship, singer-songwriter Miles Hardtwas forced to brave his own emotional woes and faced a long, uphill road to sobriety. With substance abuse running in his family, witnessing deaths throughout his life, Hardt was narrowly consumed with fear, but creation saved him.

"Oxygen" is the product of pouring your ragged soul into something new and pure. Reaching keys and a smart use of electronic elements dissect Hardt's heartache. The music is as bold as it is self-aware, with yearning tinging the vocal delivery. Gasping for air and looking to be a source of comfort, "Oxygen" is obsessed with presenting and unpacking dichotomies. Hardt's range and breadth of deliveries keeps the track from drowning in sentiment and falling into the trappings of a bemoaning love song. Miles Hardt is emerging from his darkness, and his journey is one to follow.

Of the track, Hardt says: "Throughout the six years I was with the love of my life, I had written a lot of songs she never got to hear. I think at the time I didn't believe they were good enough.  This is the last one I wrote while we were still us. The hopeless romantic in me loves the idea of it showing up in a playlist somewhere. I wrote the hook before the break up, and the verses after.  It makes for this honest love song. It takes you away for a minute when you listen to it and I love that about it.  It was a really important song for me while I was healing, and hopefully it can be that same refuge for someone else."

"Oxygen" is Miles Hardt's second single of 2018, as he leads up to a full EP release later this year. 


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