Miles Hardt releases his first single of 2018 'Runaway"

Miles Hardt Runaway Art

Talented indie singer/songwriter Miles Hardt once again explores the inner works of his own past experiences and showcases an amazing understanding of the whole concept of what a human is. With his latest single “Runaway” we see something rare in the music scene nowadays, a song that actually speaks of the mistakes made and owns them. He understands that mistakes have been made by him throughout his life and does not want to hide himself behind a fantasy of impossible perfection. Instead he embraces each error and allows them to become part of his adventure in life, he accepts them and grows from them. Because making a few mistakes are necessary at times to become a better version of who you are as you get a step closer to who you are meant to be. Of course is not only about making mistakes and saying “Yes, that was me”, but also about asking for forgiveness from those who were hurt by our mistakes and our stupidity. I thank him for a song like this one, for it is needed specially now when some people believe they deserve things no matter what the cost is and that as long as you get it, who you hurt and what you do does not matter. So thank you Miles, and to you reading enjoy this must listen gem.

"Runaway is the most honest song I’ve ever written. It’s quietly produced with just a guitar and kick drum, so you can hear clearly in my voice how sorry I am that I let someone down who loved me more than anyone I had ever met outside of my family. You see, nobody gets through this life without making mistakes, but I believe a man who is able to face them and grow from them is a good man at heart. This is me facing it head on. My apology and my open confession. “I hate myself for loving you less than what you deserved” being the most candid I could be on this subject of love and loss. This song is for anybody who feels they have been let down by someone they love dearly." - Miles Hardt

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